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Truma blown air outlet and towel rail

Truma Blown Air Outlet & Towel Rail

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Truma Blown Air Outlet & Towel Rail

This Truma Towel Dryer is the ideal solution for your camper conversion, where you want to duct air into your bathroom area, but with the added benefit of being able to direct the air through the horizontal arms to dry your tails.

There is a control at the base of the rail to let air through the lower outlet, or direct the air up to underside of the ams, which are slotted to let the air dry your towels

With the two arms of the Truma Towel Dryer flowing with warm air (redirected from the air outlet), towels can be hung over the bars and dried easily and efficiently.

The Truma Caravan & Motorhome Air Outlet Towel Dryer can take a loaded weight of 4kg.

The arms can be rotated to the left or right as needed.

This can towel rail can be used with a range of air heaters, such as the Truma heaters as well as the Autoterm diesel air heaters, or the Propex LPG air heaters.



760 x 420 x 80mm (L X W X D)

Ducting size:

60 mm, but adaptors can be used to accept larger ducting.


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