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Toilet and Shower Tray With Heating Channel with Optional Duck Board

Toilet and Shower Tray With Heating Channel with Optional Duck Board


Toilet and Shower Tray With Heating Channel

Designed in house, for van conversions, these shower trays are a space saver; allowing for you to pass the heating ducting down the back of the shower tray, without having to raise the shower tray or build the wall out from the side of the van, to let you get heat to the back of the van when your heater is at the front, or vice versa.

We have also removed the need to cut a large hole in the side of the van for the cassette, by flipping the toilet so the cassette is now accessed from inside the van.

These trays are moulded from ABS plastic that has an Acrylic face, the same as you would find with household acrylic shower trays and bathtubs. 

The tray is cut to fit around the Thetford C262 and C263 range of toilets including: Thetford C263-CS and Thetford C263-S

For installation the toilet cutout has a raised lip that will fit underneath the edging of the Thetford toilet, making a waterproof seal when siliconed. The tray is supplied untrimmed, so it can be cut down in size slightly.

The Duck Board is made from 15mm bamboo and is CNC machined and sanded ready for you to preserve with a protective finish of your choice.


Length: 1010mm

Width: 710mm

Height of Ducting Channel: 90mm

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