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Firetool Compact Fire Extinguishers

The Firetool JE50 Fire extinguishers 

These fire extinguishers are the most advanced, portable, award-winning tools out there. Perfect for your home, van, workshop, classic car, caravan, motorhome and boat. Bringing the most advanced portable fire extinguisher technology to the market place, using Nano Particulate Technology in the Firetool Range.

For all fires - only extinguisher suitable for gas, liquid fuel, cooking oil and electrical fires.

Compact - 70-80% smaller than conventional models.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive - no nasty chemicals. Non-harmful. You're safe to breath it in.

Non-pressurised - zero maintenance. No servicing required.

No secondary damage and no residue - avoid costly damaging clean-up

Clean agent - environmentally friendly