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AMP Research Powerstep for Mercedes Sprinter

AMP Research Mercedes Sprinter PowerStep


AMP Research Mercedes Sprinter PowerStep

Getting into your Sprinter shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest. That’s why AMP Research invented Powerstep, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance.

Its handsome design, all-weather performance and legendary reliability set the industry standard. Invented, engineered and built in America, AMP Research PowerStep have been tested and proven in long-term, real-world, driving conditions performing flawlessly in snow, ice, dust, mud and dirt.

The lightweight, yet rock-solid running board and rugged die-cast linkage components are crafted in the USA from aircraft-quality aluminum, black-anodized and PTFE coated for maximum corrosion protection. Precision, stainless-steel hinge points and bearings ensure trouble-free action. Heavy-duty electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation for decades.

The kit includes an extra long 203cm step on the passenger side that projects under the passenger front and sliding doors. This step motors out as soon as either passenger doors are opened. When you close both doors it then motors up under the body.

There is then a shorter 94cm for the drivers side, which again operates as the drivers door is opened and closed.

There is usually a two week lead time on these Powersteps.


Please note: These are designed for use on left hand drive Sprinters, if you have a right hand drive van, please get in touch as there are modifications to the wiring and the bracket positions that need to be made, to make them fit and work correctly.

They will also fit VW Crafters up to 2017, but again will need slightly modifications to the wiring loom.





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