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Ecomat 2000 Classic Portable Ceramic Heater

Ecomat 2000 Portable Ceramic Heater


Ecomat 2000 Portable Ceramic Heater 

The ECOMAT 2000 ceramic heaters are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, having a track record of 20 years and thousands of customers.

They are extremely quiet and can operate over long periods of time and are ideal for use in Motorhomes, Caravans etc. where you have access to a 230v mains supply. On their lowest setting they will operate from a standard campsite hook up point, where many campsite and boat bridges only offer 500w (2 Amp).


The Ecomat 2000 is the quietest device in the category of ceramic fan heaters.

More than 8 decibels separate the Ecomat 2000 from the next competitor.
With 43 db on its lowest level, the device works extremely quietly - allowing you to
use it over night. The majority of fan heaters reach values of more than 50 db - this means they are heating up the environment quickly, but noisily.

Automatic thermoregulation
The Ecomat 2000 (Classic onwards) contains a specially developed electronics to regulate the temperature via a thermostat and the speed of the fan. Once you adjust the device to the desired temperature, the Ecomat 2000 regulates and controls the temperature.

Automatic Shut-Off
No matter whether in the children's room or on the yacht, if the device tips over, it switches itself off automatically.

Warmth like a tiled stove
These devices are extremely quiet and stable down to -20°C. The PTC heating register creates cozy convection heat without drying the air.


Features at a glance:

● No Danger of fire due to ceramic heat

● Power consumption from 450w

● Compact : 180 cm x 145 cm x 140 cm 

● Easy handling

● Automatic shut off

● Quiet operation



There is a selection of three  Ecomat2000 portable heaters.


Ecomat 2000 Classic

Especially suitable for continuous use as a heater and frost monitor, for houses, conservatories, caravans and boats. Features thermostat rotary control, and three output levels. Powder coated metal housing. 

Ecomat 2000 Classic Plus

The new ECOMAT 2000 Classic Plus is the third generation of heater. This model and the Select edition currently offer the highest standard in mobile heating technology and safety. The robust metal housing is completely powder-coated. The new honeycomb-style front grille improves the air circulation ability and therefore the heat yield by about an extra 10% compared to previous models. 

Ecomat 2000 Select

 This unit provides the maximum range in controls and features to create the perfect heated environment. 


Each of the heaters has a built-in filter, which can be easily replaced.

If you want to have spare filters, these are sold in a pack of 5.


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