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Evapolar personal air cooler - green

Evapolar Personal Air Cooler

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Evapolar Personal Air Cooler

The Evapolar cooler revolutionises the way you can cool your leisure vehicle. Simply fill the compact unit with water, plug it into a USB socket and the cooler draws air over an internal water reservoir, cooling the air as it travels through the device.

What’s more, because of its simplicity, the Evapolar only requires 10 - 12w of electricity. Ideal for leisure vehicles, studios and in the home.

It has electronic temperature control and changeable mood lighting that lights the water reservoir.



Microclimate area.

Cools a single person’s work space, sleeping area or camping tent. Cooling effect is limited to 45 ft 2 (3-4 m 2). Most efficiently cools the area of 21-32 ft 2 (2-3m 2).

Temperature reduction.

Decreases air temperature down to 17°C/63°F depending on the humidity level. Works best in a dry, hot climate with a humidity level under 70%.



Features include:

  • Coverage area – up to 3.5 m2
  • Power consumption 10 – 12 w
  • Size 170 x 171 x 174 mm
  • Water capacity of 750 ml, will give 4 - 6 hours cooling, before needing to be refilled.
  • Internal mood lighting
  • Runs from a 5V USB port


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