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Firetool JE50

Firetool JE50 & JE100 Fire Extinguishers


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Firetool JE50 & JE100 Fire Extinguishers

The World's most versatile and compact fire extinguisher.

These fire extinguishers are the most advanced, portable, award-winning tools out there. 

They are rated for use on liquid, gas and electrical fires, so are ideal for having in your Campervan, Motorhome, Caravan, workshop, classic car and boat.  They are 70-80% smaller and lighter than a standard water or powder extinguishers, yet they have the same fire fighting capabilities.

These are non pressurised, require no maintenance and come with a 5 Year warranty.

They leave no mess or residue and a safe to use in a confined space and engine fires. 


This video shows West Midlands Fire Service testing the Extinguishers.


Bringing the most advanced portable fire extinguisher technology to the market place, using Nano Particulate Technology in the Firetool Range.


The JE100 has double the power of the JE50

Compact - 70-80% smaller than its competitors

Lightweight - Ease of use for all ages

Non Toxic - Environmentally friendly green agent used

Non Hazardous - Human and pet safe

No Residue - Avoid costly damaging clean up

Damage Limitation - Safe use on electrical circuits and engine air intakes

Five Year Warranty - Non pressurised, no maintenance required




Rating - 13B 5F
Single Use
Weight - 500g
Discharge Time - 12 seconds
Discharge Distance - 3 metres
Dimensions - 242mm x 53mm


Rating - 21B 5F
Single Use
Weight - 810g
Discharge Time - 12 seconds
Discharge Distance - 3 metres
Dimensions - 235mm x 60mm





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