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Lumo LED19 Surface Mount  Down Light

Lumo LED19 Surface Mount Down Light


Lumo LED19 Surface Mount Down Light

The Lumo LED19 2W Down Light is an ultra thin surface-mounted downlight.

The powerful bright 19 leds in pure cool white, measure 60 mm diameter x just 6 mm deep make it perfect for surface mounting or recessing into carpet lining or trim.

The wires can be fed out to the back of the mount, or taken away from the side of the light, through a notch in the body.




Diameter - 60mm
Approximate light output -  170lm (cool white)
2.0W power consumption


We also have a range of recessed down lights with either a built-in switch, or a dimmer function, where you turn the lamp off and on by touching the metal bezel. If you then hold your finger on the Bezel the lamp will then dim up and down.


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Or     Touch Dimmable 69mm Recessed 3W Downlight


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