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Lumo LED9 F2589 touch recessed downlight

Lumo LED9 F2589 2W Touch Recessed Down Light


Lumo LED9 F2589 Touch Recessed Down Light

This slim recessed down light is switched on or off by merely touching the illuminated button in the centre of the lens. Keeping contact with the button will cause the unit to dim down and then back up again. 

When not switched on there is a small blue LED in the centre to let you find the light.





Diameter - 65mm
Light output -  Warm white
2.0W power consumption


We also have a range of other recessed down lights with either a built-in switch, or a dimmer function, where you turn the lamp off and on by touching the metal bezel, without the blue internal LED.

If you then hold your finger on the Bezel the lamp will then dim up and down.


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Or     Touch Dimmable 69mm Recessed 3W Downlight


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