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Tablet clamp + Adjustable body for ROKK mini modular system. Note adjustable body is sold separately

ROKK MINI - Universal Tablet Mount


ROKK MINI - Universal Tablet Mount

The hi-performance ROKK mini modular system allows you to attach your electronics to boats, cars, off-road vehicles, aircraft and more. Move your electronics conveniently between different types of base mounts in different locations in one easy click. 

This tablet mount is part 1 of a 3 part system,  if you like to purchase the whole system  of the table mount, adjustable body and self adhesive base please click here.

The ratchet style system is a Secure Mount for full-sized and mini tablets with TPE claws that will secure your tablet safely and securely


The adjustable body provides maximum adjustability and personability with its compact design allowing for a multi positions from your electronics.

Quick fit / Quick Release

With a click your device can be fitted or released with ease helping you to get on your way.

 Fits Devices from 125mm to 220mm (5-8 1/4)

Please note, it is purely the tablet clamp that we are listing here, to attach to the base and adjustable body that are sold separately.

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