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Sikaflex 252 Fixing Adhesive - White

Sikaflex 252 Fixing Adhesive


Sikaflex-252 Fixing Adhesive

Sikaflex-252 Structural adhesive, enables you to fix components and parts to a variety of surfaces. 

It is ideal for fixing solar panels, awning rails etc. onto your Camper Van, Caravan and Motorhome without the need to drill any holes! 

Sikaflex-252 is also suitable for freshwater boating applications for salt water Sikaflex-292 is recommended.


Colour: White
Cartridge Size: 300ml
1-C formulation
Can be overpainted
Good gap-filling properties
Capable of withstanding high Dynamic stresses
Electrically non-conductive
Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates
Areas of Application: Sikaflex ®-252 is suitable for structural joints that will be subjected to dynamic stresses.

Suitable substrate materials include:

Metals, particularly aluminium (including anodized components)
Sheet steel (including phosphated, chromated and zinc-plated components)
Metal primers and paint coatings
(2-c systems)
Ceramic materials
Seek manufacturer's advice before using on plastics that are prone to stress cracking.

More details can be found in the Technical Data PDF


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