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Stirling Power Battery to Battery Split Charge System For Euro5/Euro6 Regenerative Stop/Start Vehicles BB1230 BB1260

Sterling Power - Battery to Battery Split Charge System For Euro5/Euro6 Stop/Start & Regenerative Vehicles

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Sterling Power Battery to Battery Split Charge System For Euro5/Euro6 Stop/Start & Regenerative Vehicles

If you are converting a modern van with a stop/start and/or a regenerative system and you want to charge a leisure battery, you will need a split charge system that can cope with the complexities of the new systems.

These Sterling Power Battery to Battery chargers solve the problem, by using a built-in processor that monitors the voltage being provided, together with a four stage charger to smooth out the charge voltage being given to the leisure batteries, to cope with the fluctuations in voltage coming from the alternator, as the engine start and stops. 

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Manufacturers Details.

Sterling Power's range of Battery to Battery Chargers (B2Bs) has grown significantly over the past few years.  This is in an effort to supplement the ever growing demand from the commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle and marine industries. 

The B2Bs have become extremely popular as they fast charge batteries as you cruise along without the need for complex wiring, touching your alternator, voiding the alternator's warranty and tampering with the electronic control units (ECUs). 

You can provide the onboard batteries with a fast 4 stage charging profle with a very simple and speedy installation.  All of the benefits of advanced charging without any of the drawbacks.  Simply connect the B2B between the battery being charged and the battery you wish to charge. 

Each unit also comes complete with a battery temp sensor, which you connect to the negative of the domestic / aux. batteries. When the temp sensor senses the temperature lower than 20Deg C, the voltage shall go up on the charger’s output, to ensure correct charging during winter months, or cold climates. The sensor shall also trip the charger if the temperature of the battery goes above 55 Deg C.


Basic Operation

With the engine running the charger will operate normally until the input voltage drops below 13.0V. i.e in stop/start situations. Between 13.0V and 11.9V the unit will remain on for 240 seconds and then turn off (provided the input voltage stays between 11.9V-13.0V). This is required to complement the regenerative braking aspect of modern Euro 5/6+ engines - where the alternator’s voltage can drop below 13V for a short period of time. When the alternator’s voltage rises above 13.2V the 240 second timer ends (+ reactivates the timer) and the charger remains charging.

If the input voltage has exceeded 13.2V for 5 seconds the regen. braking timer is prepped and will become active if the input voltage drops down to 12.0V-13.3V. This timer is 240s (default - can be changed) and allows the charger to continue charging at these lower input voltages. If the voltage drops below 11.9V the charger goes to sleep irrespective of the timer. If the input voltage remains between 11.9V-13.0V for over 240s the charger also goes to sleep. To wake the charger, the input voltage needs to rise above 13.2V - this will also reset the regen. braking timer.


If you are running a single leisure battery the LV-BB1230 is sufficient, if you are running two batteries you will need the LV-BB1260. For systems with very large batteries or more than two batteries, please call us for advice on the larger units that are available.



DC V (In) DC V (Out) Amps In Weight Kg L x W x D mm Part Number
12 12 30 1.2 190 x 160 x 70 LV-BB1230
12 12 60 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 LV-BB1260



The optional Remote Control with 10m Cable is suitable for both the 30 amp and the 60 amp chargers.      Product code: LV-BBURC

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