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Thetford T1090 Campervan fridge freezer, low handle for chest height use

Thetford T1090 Compressor Fridge


Thetford T1090 Compressor Fridge

Thetford presents the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan, the T1090. This refrigerator has a tapered rear panel, to allow for the side of the van curving upwards. It is made to perfectly fit the shape and user requirements of the campervan. The T1090 installs to a flush fit, and can be characterized as powerful in cooling, efficient, silent, and effective in use.

You can choose whether you would like the handle lower on the door, for fitting at chest height, or in the lower position for mounting on the floor.

The fridges come as standard without the black door insert shown in the photo, so it will arrive with the silver insulation showing, allowing you to put in your own board, to let you match the laminate to the rest of your van. The bottom plastic rail on the door simply unclips to let you insert a board that can be up to approx 3mm thick.

Alternatively you can select the black panel option and we will pre-fit it for you.

Powerful cooling

The refrigerator has a strong 12V compressor, this results in a powerful cooling performance. The ventilation is integrated which also means that outside vents are not required. Another advantage of the compressor refrigerator is that you do not need a gas bottle to run.

Perfect fit

The design of the T1090 is made to fit the campervan like a glove. It completely follows the shape of the van. This results in a volume of 90 L of the refrigerator with a size of only 975 x 418 x 485mm (HxWxD).

Perfect in use

The T1090 is developed according to the campervan user requirements. The interior features a design containing two vegetable bins, food retainers to keep your food in place while driving, and bottle retainers in the door bins. Therefore we say: Cheers and enjoy this new decade of van refrigeration.

Efficient power

The power consumption is economical and gives you a lot freedom with less need to visit a pitch or campsite. It has a night mode, which also saves energy.

Technical Information

Dimensions:   418mm W, 975mm H, 485mm D (280 D flush)
Capacity:       90 Litres, including freezer of 6.6 Litres
Power:           12V
Energy consumption: 0.45kwh/24h or 0.35kwh/24h in night mode
Weight:           21 Kg

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