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Is Your Camper Van a Safe Place to Stay?

Pippa and Safety

We do our best to make our homes a safe place to live but is your camper van a safe place to stay?

Gas Bottle Lockers
 Most camper vans will have at lease one gas bottle on board. Gas regulations state that a gas bottle should be in a contained space with an airtight door and a gas drop vent through the floor. Then if any gas leaks from the bottle it's vented through the floor to outside instead of into the interior of the van.


These lockers come in two sizes and have a front door/panel with a rubber seal, held in place by two latches. They're leak tested and comply with BS EN 1949:2002.

Gas Bottle Holder

Whether you make your own or buy a gas locker, you'll need to secure heavy gas bottles so they don't move around while you're driving. A simple and cheap way to do this is to use these Gas Bottle Holders.





GsStop Emergency Shut Off

Keeping on the subject making sure the propane gas within your van is safe, a simple easy-to-fit device is a GasStop. It has multiple uses;

1. It automatically shuts off the supply of propane gas in the event of a major leak or regulator failure (see more details here).

2. The pressure gauge will let you know when your gas is running low.

3. Can also be used to test for minor leaks prior to use.

Gas Alarm for Camper Vans

How do you know if gas is leaking into the interior of your van, especially if you're asleep? Just like gas detectors in your home, small 12v/24v gas alarms with sensitive sensors are available for camper vans. 

This 3Gas+ alarm will detect butane/propane, carbon monoxide and other gases such as ether. 


Fire Safety Stick

It might not be gas that directly causes a fire, but a fire could quickly take hold and completely destroy your beloved space away from home, not to mention causing injury to you and your family.

Space is a premium in a camper van but these compact, easy to use, Fire Safety Sticks could be worth their weight in gold. They do not contain gas, are not pressurised and can extinguish all types of fires. A potassium ion jet is released when the charger is struck at the base. The potassium leaves no mess or residue. More information about how they work can be found here.

Safety isn't exciting but a few thoughts and useful items could literally save lives. Camper vans are for adventures, relaxing holidays, fun times and a home away from home. The last thing you want is for your van to become a nightmare memory for the rest of your life.

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