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Autoterm Planar 2Kw heater front view

Autoterm Planar 2D Diesel Air Heater - Universal 2KW Kit


Autoterm Europe

The Autoterm Planar Deisel Air Heaters are manufactured by the Latvian Manufacturer ADVERS and in Europe they are distributed through Autoterm. All of our products then come through their UK distributor Planar Heaters UK. These should not be confused with some of the Chinese imports you may see that are using the generic Planar name.

Autoterm Planar 2D Diesel Air Heater - Universal 2KW Kit

This universal kit, includes the fuel lines, pump, exhaust, wiring harness, controller etc. that you'd need to fit the heater.

Additionally you need to choose the correct mounting plate for your application. Air ducting and inlet/outlet vents can then be added as needed. 

VW T5 & T6's have a dedicated external mounting bracket, for all other external van fitting it is recommended that you use the Stainless Steel Mounting box.

See here for Hot air ducting, vents etc

Included in the kit

  • Controller of your choice
  • Fuel pump with mounting bracket
  • 1 meter of exhaust with silencer
  • 1 fuel dip fuel tube and fuel line
  • 1 power cable with integral fuse box
  • 1 control panel cable (upgrade options available)
  • 1 fuel pump power cable 
  • A silencer air intake
  • 1 exhaust heat lagging
  • A selection of nuts and bolts.


The kit comes with either the manual PU-5 controller as standard, however you can upgrade to the Comfort control for an additional £110.


What will Comfort Control bring to the game: 

  • Intuitive user interface;
  • LED status display.
  • Thermostat function;
  • Additional heating options;
  • Quick access button for heating;
  • Vehicle battery safety function;
  • Heater maintenance reminder.
  • Precise integrated digital temperature sensor.


The 12v 2KW PLANAR 2D is the most compact heater model in the production line, it is intended for use in Campervans, motorhomes, crew cabins and work spaces, commercial vans and trucks, as well as boats that are up to 28 feet long. 

The capacity of the PLANAR 2D air heater is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW, and it is capable of heating up 75 m3 of air hourly. It maintains excellent economy and uses between 0.1 litres and 0.24 litres of diesel per hour.

Planar diesel heaters have fast become synonymous with great quality and fantastic customer services, all at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.


Main Advantages of Autoterm Heaters

  • They are capable of operating at very low temperatures.
  • They use inductive (brushless) electric motors designed for uninterrupted operation for 12,000 hours.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Best quality diesel heater at a fraction of the price of other Air Diesel Heaters.
  • The heaters have proved their excellent quality, working in aggressive environments, such as, marine environments.
  • These heaters come with a 2 year guarantee and UK technical support if needed. 
  • After sales technical help and telephone support 7 days a week



Air heater PLANAR-2D-12-TM-3995 Modes
Technical characteristics High Low
Heat power, kW 2,0 0,8
Fuel consumption, l/h 0,24 0,1
Rated power consumption, W 29 10
Heated air volume, m3/h 75 34
Fuel diesel fuel as per GOST 305
Rated voltage, V 12v
Control mode Manual, digital controller, or 7 day electronic timer
Weight, kg 6


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