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Fiamma 28 F Crystal Vent 07902-01B

Fiamma 28F Vent


The Fiamma 28cm x 28cm roof light is perfect for small rooms, ensuring improved interior light, with the Crystal transparent or white cover.

The discreet and elegant design of the internal frame makes it suitable for any environment and the aerodynamic shape does not require the use of the spoiler. Equipped with permanent ventilation and robust aluminium mosquito net.

Thanks to the Sandwich System mounting system, it is not necessary to drill any further holes in the roof of the vehicle. Can be accessorised with the optional Turbo Vent Kit 28 for motorising the roof light.



Greater light and visibility

More aerodynamic

Complete with double layer cover

Equipped with fixed mosquito net

Sandwich system installation

Optional motorised ventilation kit



If you want to add a motorised fan to your vent see the

Turbo Vent Kit 28 F (07903-01-)


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