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SL336 Twin Burner Hob Slide-out unit - short side

SL1336 Twin Burner Hob Slide-Out unit


SL1336 Twin Burner Hob Slide-Out unit

These stainless steel Slide-Out units from CAN offer a unique way of installing a cooker in your van, without taking up the surface space of a cooker. Ideal for builds with limited space, these cookers can be slid out and used from their mount, or be completely detatched and set up outside using the deployable legs.

Requires a gas supply to be connected when in use and then disconnected when stowed.

This unit has two burners.

Comes with a quick release gas hose and 4 telescopic screw in legs.

The photographs of the van show the larger CAN SL1400 Two Burner Hob & Sink Combination Slide-out unit and they are shown for reference and to show the telescopic legs fitted.

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