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Purvario Storage System - Moduls

Purvario Storage System - Moduls


Purvario Storage System - Moduls

The Purvario Storage System allows you to store and transport your glasses, cups, bottles, pans etc. safely and rattle free in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or boat. 

The simple design uses a velour 'hook and loop' system, where you select the Moduls (profiles) you require relevant for the items you wish to keep 'safe'. The Moduls are then just placed as you need them onto the velour base, which is available in two sizes: 300 x 500mm or 500 x 500mm

The bases can then be cut to fit your particular drawer size.

Please note the Modul V does not need the Velour base as it has skid resistant rubber pads on the base instead, which resist the movement of plates.

Chose your Moduls from the option box and then choose your base here


Modul-I and Modul-II come as sets of 12 pieces, to hold 6 cups/bottles.

Modul-III is a set of 4 parts, to hold a single pan, or 4 plates/bowls stacked onto each other.

Modul-IV is a set of 6 parts

Modul V is a set of 4 parts - does not need Velour base.



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