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Storage Solutions to Stop that Irritating Rattle!

Storage Rattle Blog

That irritating rattle! Will your kitchen cups and glasses still be in one piece when you arrive? Should you find somewhere else to put the wine bottles?

If these thoughts go through your mind as you travel to your destination, the ingenious Purvario Storage System could be the answer.

Purvario Storage Base

Choose the Modul to suit the items you want to store and attach to the base, which has a velour top. The base comes in two sizes and can be cut down to fit the drawer, shelf or cupboard to be used.



Purvario modul for glasses

Modul 1 is designed to hold 6 units. These could be cups, mugs, glasses etc. Attach the profiles to a base, making sure they fit snuggly around the items being stored. 




Puvario Modul 2 bottles
Modul 2 is for taller units, such as tall glasses and bottles. Again there are enough profiles to stop 6 units from falling over once they're attached to a base.




Now that you have the important wine bottles and glasses stored safely (or is that

Purvario Modul 3 Bowls
Purvario Modul 3 Pans

just me?), it's time to look the other items that rattle.  Modul 3 is ideal for for storing pots, pan, bowls and plates. Alternatively, if you want to stack plates, there are a couple of other Moduls good for that (see further down).

 Modul 4 is six units that can be attached to the base to hold back items like jars

Purvario Modul 4 Jars

and condiments to prevent them falling over whilst on the move. This modul is particularly useful as it can be used it a variety of ways.




Purvario Modul 5

The 5th Modul doesn't need the velour base as each piece is stable and has its own skid resistant base. Each pack comes with 4 pieces and is ideal for plates, pan lids, chopping boards and table mats.

Puirvario Plate Storage

 Then there's this Plate Storage, which isn't a Modul and doesn't need the velour base, but it's part of the same collection. The "shelves" are grooved and sloped backwards to ensure safe and secure storage whilst travelling. It's another great option for plates and bowls.


We think at least one part of this clever and stylish Storage System is ideal for just about every camper van. 


Just to finish off our focus on Storage Solutions, we have a couple of other really useful items we've not mentioned in the two articles;

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