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MAXXFAN Plus Smoke

MaxxAir Maxxfan Plus Roof Vent


MaxxAir Maxxfan Plus Roof Vent

These MaxxAir MAXXFAN Plus roof vents have a powerful 10 speed intake and exhaust fan, with thermostatic control to automatically vent the vehicle as the temperature rises.

The MAXXFAN Plus vents have a built-in rain sensor to automatically lower the hood, to protect the motorhome interior. The more expensive MAXXFAN Deluxe versions, do not have the rain sensor, as they have an elongated hood, that lets it stay open when it's raining.

These come with a remote control with LCD display, as well as manual controls on the underside of the unit. 

They are available in two different options on the hole size that needs cutting into the roof.

If you have a 400mm cutout you need the 400mm unit, but if you have a 350mm cutout you can actually use either, as the only difference is the flange size on the surrounds that screw to the roof, together then with the inner trim ring.

If it is a new installation on a Mercedes Sprinter for example, the 350mm flange fits between the corrugated ridges on the roof at the front factory vent position, but the 400mm is better at the rear, because the flange has to bridge a centre ridge as well as the side ridges.



  • Provides over 900 CFM to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Brings in fresh air and removes hot musty air and odors
  • Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air (Ceiling Fan Mode)
  • Twin lifting arms, No more lid fluttering in high winds or when driving
  • Features a powerful, fuse protected, Long life, sealed ball bearing, 12 volt fan motor and a 12 inch - 10 blade fan
  • Flush mounted, easy to clean Keypad, controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and/or exhaust functions
  • Closes securely for a low profile appearance
  • Fits all standard 350mm or 400mm roof openings, depending on the model
  • All mounting screws and hardware included. Roof sealant must be purchased separately
  • 2-YEAR Limited WARRANTY with LIFETIME Limited Warranty on the lid


There also two optional MaxxShades, both have a foil backed blackout blind, with one having built-in LED lighting.


See also the Maxxfan Deluxe 

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