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Hyundai Power Sources

Our Hyundai Power Source Collection includes two petrol inverters, a portable power station and a portable and foldable solar charger.

If you're camping or using your camper van without a hook up, how can you power your mobiles, laptops, televisions, lights...and so on?

We have four options from Hyundai which we think would be ideal for campers, caravaners and campervaners.

1000w and 2000w Portable Petrol Inverter Generators

Hyundai Petrol Inverter Generator

Generally petrol generators are thought of as heavy, cumbersome and noisy. Hardly ideal for those peaceful getaways or on campsites. These two portable generators are compact, lightweight and low noise.

The control panel on the HY1000si has a 230v

Hyundai Petrol inverter Generator

socket and a 12v DC battery charging outlet for powering multiple devices. If this isn't enough for your family, the HY2000si has two 230v sockets for use with any appliances which use a standard 3-pin 13A UK mains plug, as well as a 12v 5 amp outlet.

Please note that these generators are not suitable for continuous daily use or as an off-grid power supply and please be aware of the dangers of operating a generator:

Petrol generators must never be used inside due to risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. To visit Hyundai safety page, click here.

Hyundai Portable Power Station

If you prefer a rechargeable power station the HPS-300 Portable Power Station would be better. It's a reliable, portable power source for almost all electronics and features 8 IN 1 charging capabilities, plus both 3 pin & 2 pin 230V AC connections, so you can easily power both UK and European devices at home or abroad.

And, last but very much not least, portable solar

Hyundai Portable Solar Charger

power. The H60 60W Portable and Foldable Solar Charger can charge all your essentials on the go.

Compact in size the solar charger can be folded and stored within your rucksack perfect for all outdoor adventures, camping, climbing, hiking and picnics.

Whatever your power requirements, Hyundai have the answer.