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Mantadeck - The Ultimate Overland Rooftop Deck

Mantadeck   Mantadeck - Sprinter Overland Rooftop Deck

Mantadeck welder at work

Mantadeck Mercedes Sprinter aluminium roof decks are created with attention to detail that is second to none. They have been highly developed through extensive R&D, here in the UK, using both computer simulations & real-world trials.

They are built from the strongest & most corrosion resistant grades of aluminium alloy, with absolutely no mild steel parts to rust & no plastic parts to break. 

Mantadeck have been able to create a superb roof deck/rack system where you are able to specify if you want a full floor, or partial floor, vent holes in standard positions, or custom openings to accept solar panels, air conditioning or whatever else you may need to work around.

These racks are built to order in their UK workshop using their proprietary

manufacturing processes, with an approximate lead time of 6-8 weeks. Please call to check the current lead time.

Their unique manufacturing equipment is one of a kind in the world & allows for otherwise unachievable levels of precision, together with an outstanding strength to weight ratio.

The racks are finished in a unique ruggedised textured coating. Applied via a 5-stage finishing process, it’s much tougher & thicker than paint, & less slippy when wet.


Mantadeck rack ready for welding

All the hardware is either stainless steel finished

Mantadeck roof rack from above

in special black plating, or black anodised high grade alloy, for a rust free finish.

Choose your own configuration with options for roof vent openings & different floor layouts.

Simple and easy to order with instant pricing.


You don’t need to wait for a quote, Mantadeck don’t need to see your van in order to build your rack.

Ultra light, Ultra tough & adventure ready.