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Alphatronics 12 / 24V Smart TVs – SLA-LINE+

Alphatronics 12 / 24V Smart TVs – SLA-LINE+


 The SLA-LINE+ 12/24V Smart TV is a top-of-the-range Alphatronics model, featuring a high-quality integrated DVD player and soundbar, providing superior sound and image quality whilst consuming minimal power.

Experience the next level of home entertainment with LG's WebOS TV operating system, complete with direct access buttons to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, voice control, and air mouse function.

The SLA-LINE+ 12/24V Smart TV is your perfect in-vehicle entertainment solution. This 12v TV DVD Combo features a highly efficient sound bar with front-firing speakers for superior sound quality, plus integrated streaming apps for the latest content.

Including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+. And the built-in DVD player is conveniently controlled by a remote control. Get the top of the line in-vehicle experience with the SLA-LINE+.

This SLA-LINE+ 12v TV DVD Combo is ideal for campers, caravans and smaller motorhomes. Available in 3 sizes: 22″, 24″, 27″.

Click HERE for a compatible TV Bracket 

Size Of TV: 22″ 24″ 27″
Watts Usage 15 18 21
Equivalent in Amps on a 12v Battery 1.25 1.5 1.75
How many hours with 70 Amp Hours 56 47 40

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