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12V Whale WaterMaster Submersible Pump Assembly

12V Whale WaterMaster Submersible Pump Assembly

Whalemaster Sub Assembly

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12V Whale WaterMaster Submersible Pump Assembly

The Watermaster pump system, is an external pump that let's you easily fill your fixed water tank in a Camper Van, Motorhome or caravan from your roller tank or similar portable tank that you use to get water from a site tap.

This setup uses a fixed inlet socket mounted to the outside of the vehicle, which is plumbed into your on-board water tank, together with a separate pump assembly that plugs into the socket. This creates a quick release water-tight connection for the water and also connects the power to the submersible pump and which is then dropped into the portable water tank.


Please see the associated Watermaster Exterior Socket, which is sold separately.


Your Whale Watermaster® Submersible Pump Assembly includes:


  • Easi-PushTM Plug

  • Premium (EP1312)

  • Extra flexible hose

  • Protected electrics

  • High quality dust cover

  • Safety strainer

  • Narrow pump design

  • Built in hose holder




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