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Dark grey Double lipped knock-in edge

15mm Double Lipped Knock-on Edge Trim


15mm Double Lipped Knock-on Edge Trim

This double lipped knock-in edge trim has an overall width of 19mm together with the two lips and has a 3mm barb. It is commonly used on 15mm boards, but is wide enough for fitting up to a 17mm board.

Available in, Dark Grey and Light Grey/silver, in multiples of 1 metre lengths, or 5 and 10 metre lengths.

Also see our matching Door Edge Knock-on Trim

Or the cushioned double edge trim, that is a softer profile than this, (or the single lipped knock-on trim) which is commonly used on table edges and other edges where you may want a cushioned edge to a laminate board.

Please note this light grey/silver trim is a lighter colour than the other silver trims that we have on the website.


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