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6mm to 6mm Keder for drive-away awning

6mm to 6mm Keder for drive-away awning


6mm to 6mm Keder for drive-away awning

Keder (or Kador) strip is used with a 'Figure 8' profile for connecting awnings to the fixed awning rail, or lead bar of wind out awnings on caravans and motorhomes.

This set up lets you put your drive-away awning up and then by simply pulling out the Keder strip, you can the drive your vehicle away for the day. On your return, drive back up to your awning and then slide the Keder strip into place, which stops you having to try to slide the entire awning strip down the awning rail.

Overall width of 40mm 

Sold in a 3 metre length


If you do not yet have an awning rail on your vehicle, please see our AW01 Aluminium Awning Rail - with lip, which can be used on many vehicles, or our the AW02 Awning rail - without lip, which is similar to those used on the 1960's VW Splitscreen Camper Vans.

We also sell the AW03 'Figure of 8' profile which is slid onto your awning, allowing the Keder strip to be passed between the Awning Rail and the 'Figure of 8'.

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