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Can FN2001 Gel Alcohol Single Burner stove

Can FN2001 Gel - Alcohol Single Burner Stove


Can FN2001 Gel - Alcohol Single Burner Stove

These high quality stainless steel stoves use Denatured Alcohol or Gel-Alcochol fuel in a refillable container, instead of using calor or propane gas. This single burner version of the stove is shown with the fuel container suitable for the denatured liquid fuel. This has a built-in matting that the alcohol soaks into, so stopping any potential spillages when the vehicle is moving. If you wish to use the Gel version of the fuel it is just a case of removing the matting from the container. 

These are ideal for use in boats or Campervans, for example where you may not wish to have a pressurised gas canister in the vehicle. Also with alcohol burners you do not need to add drop vents into the vehicle, as with vans fitted with gas cookers.

With many day vans now having removable cooker pods that lift into and out of the van, these negate the need for the gas drop vents fitted into the floor. They are also ideal if the cooker pod is to be used outside of the van, as the flame is resistant to strong draughts.

To refill the fuel container you must ensure the burner is completely extinguished, by pushing the control lever fully to the right. Allow the unit to cool, then raise the top off the stove, to access the fuel container. The container can now be lifted out and filled, before refitting it and closing the lid.

To light the stove, you use the steel rod shown in the photo, by dipping the end into the fuel. Light the small amount on the rod, then pass that down the centre of the burner to light the burner, then remove the rod quickly before it heats up. The rod is then stored in the hole to the left of the control slot.


The stoves come with two stainless steel screws, to allow the base of the stove to be screwed down into a cabinet.



- Simple to operate.
- Safe usage during navigation in a boat.
- Fuel:
Either the liquid denatured alcohol fuel in the matted fuel container, 
Or if preferred, the Gel fuel that's based on alcohol that doesn't liquefy, even during     combustion, utilising the open fuel container.

- Adjustable flame regulation from a “Maximum” to a “Minimum” ‘to completely off.
- Resistant to strong drafts of air, even in extreme conditions.

Single Burner:     2000W.

Burn time: approx 1 hour with either the liquid fuel, or the Gel fuel for a single fill of the canister.

Each fuel canister holds approx 0.1 litres of fuel.



WIDTH: 182mm
DEPTH: 182mm
HEIGHT: 122mm

Weight 1.5KG.


Model Number FN2001   


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