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VW Caddy Curtains

VW Caddy Curtains


VW Caddy Curtains

These quality ready made black-out curtains come complete with pre-formed track for each of the VW Caddy windows/doors.

Each set of  curtains come with 2 pre-formed rails per window, screws, end stops and tie backs for each curtain.

The fabric is flexible jersey material.

Colour: grey/black.

The curtains can be fitted either grey to outside/black to inside or black to inside and grey to outside.


Please note that these curtains are not suitable for the Caddy MAXI


They are available as follows:-

60219   VW Caddy LH Sliding Door Curtain.  Pre-formed with poppers & ties (Window 6)

60220   VW Caddy RH Front Window Curtain behind Driver.  Pre-formed with poppers & ties (Window 5)

60221   VW Caddy SWB RH Rear Side Window Curtain.  Pre-formed with poppers & ties (Window 7)

60222   VW Caddy SWB LH Rear Side Window Curtain.  Pre-formed with poppers & ties (Window 8)

60223   VW Caddy Tailgate Curtain.  Pre-formed with poppers & ties. (Window 9)

60224   VW Caddy Rear Barn Door Curtain.  Pre-formed with poppers & Ties.  (Windows 10 & 11)


Also see our full range of aluminium curtain rail sets and fittings, to suit a free hanging curtains, as commonly used in older conversions, where you can then choose between either the chrome plated end stops or the modern twist end stops and then a quantity of either looped glides, or the Westfalia style glides.

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