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Corner Quadrant Profile LED Aluminium Lighting Channel Kit for Camper vans Motorhomes

Corner Quadrant Profile LED Aluminium Lighting Channel Kit for Camper Vans & Motorhomes


Corner Quadrant Profile LED Aluminium Lighting Channel Kit for Camper Vans & Motorhomes

This Corner Quadrant Profile Anodised Aluminium Channel is designed to give a professional way of mounting LED strip lights into a Camper Van, Motorhome or Caravan. It is triangular in shape with the diffuser being flat, if you prefer a curved diffuser see our other Corner Profile LED Aluminium Lighting Chanel Kit

Each channel is supplied as a kit of parts to accept a length of LED Strip lighting (sold separately)

Each kit includes a length of Channel and a Diffuser together with end 2 end caps per metre length, with or without mounting clips. So the 1 metre kit comes with 2 end caps and then 4 end caps with the 4 metre kit. Additional pairs of end caps can be bought separately if you want to make 2 or more shorter units from your chosen kit. You can also add mounting brackets as needed, you'd usually have at 2 brackets per metre length.

The aluminium housing and its plastic diffuser can simply be cut to size, depending on what length of lighting you need. This can be screwed directly onto a flat surface, by drilling holes in the back of the channel, or by using the mounting brackets. Your length of LED strip is attached using it's double sided tape, with the power cable is passed through the end cap, the caps and diffuser can then be pushed into place. 

The channel also acts as a heat sink for the LED tape as well, which in turn will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.

Available with a frosted diffuser which helps diffuse the light from each LED in a much more uniform pattern and also prevents any glare or secondary refraction from occurring.

This product is made from fully anodized aluminium and is corrosion proof; meaning its ideal for using outdoors as well as indoors.


Kit Specification

Corner channel profile size: 16.6mm x 16.6mm (23.3mm across the front face)

1 length of aluminium channel 

1 length of Frosted Diffuser

2 End caps per metre length

No Brackets included in the kits.


Available in Black in either 1 metre or 2 metre lengths, please ask for a Silver Anodised Aluminium version.

See also our Low Profile, Mini, and Recessed Kits.


Note: This kit does not include any LED tape.

Please see our range of LED Tapes here.

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