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CTEK "OFF ROAD" Battery to Battery Charging System 140A

CTEK "OFF GRID" Battery to Battery Charging System 140A


CTEK 140A OFF GRID CHARGING SYSTEM - The powerful off road solution

CTEK’s 140A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM combines the D250SA 20A charger with the SMARTPASS 120 power management unit for the ultimate off road charging system. It makes sure your vehicle and your onboard equipment have full power, right when they need it, so you can stay off road for even longer. For complete peace of mind, you can see at a glance how much charge you’ve got left and the length of time till your batteries are discharged.


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If you are converting a modern van with a stop/start and/or a regenerative system and you want to charge a leisure battery, you will need a split charge system that can cope with the complexities of the new systems. 

Manufacturers Details.

The D250SA charger can get its energy from alternators, solar panels and wind power. It separates starter and service battery and maximizes the use of the both without risking that the starter battery is unable to start the engine. The SMARTPASS 120 charges and maintains your service battery using 120A from the alternator. It will automatically prioritise critical equipment so radios, emergency lights and navigation systems always have the power they need. The CTEK MONITOR constantly monitors the voltage and current (charge and discharge) to show you exactly how much charge you have and how many hours you’ve got left before your battery bank is empty.

  • Fast, fully automatic 140A battery charging while you’re on the move
  • Compatible with vehicles with Euro 6 smart alternators
  • Dual input for Euro 6 smart alternators and solar with built in solar regulator
  • Full control of the extra battery consumption and capacity by the CTEK MONITOR
  • Battery Guard protects the service battery from total discharge
  • Temperature sensor to optimate charge voltage for hot and cold conditions
  • Input voltage 11,5 – 23 V DC; 14,4/14,7 V charge voltage.
  • Maintenance charing of starter battery
  • Solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Simplifies installation and improves performance on extra batteries for bow thruster and anchor
  • Maximized battery capacity by fully charging the battery
  • Shortened charge time
  • Decreased costs by reduced idling and by efficient use of alternator and solar power
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • Dynamic Over Current Protection to handle outputs of up to 350A for up to 10 seconds


Schematic showing D250SA and the Smartpass 120, for bigger battery setups.  If you don't require this extra power, see the individual D250SA or the CTEK D250SA Dual DC-DC 20A "OFF GRID" Charging System





  • 140A fully automatic temperature compensated charging for batteries from 40-800Ah while you’re on the move
  • Dual input (solar and alternator in parallel)
  • Smart alternator compatible
  • Battery separation replacing diodes and VSR relays
  • Solar panel regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Selectable AGM option – 14.4V or 14.7V
  • Maximised charging for better battery life and performance
  • Temperature sensor to compensate for hot or cold conditions
  • Splash and dust proof (IP65)
  • 2-year warranty





Manafacturer: CTEK
Input Voltage - Volts: 11.5 / 23
Output voltage - Volts: Max 14.4V (14.7V in AGM mode)
Max. charging current - Amps: 140
Charging Ports: 1
Input from solar panel - V: 11.5 / 23
Conventional alternator cut-in: >13.1V, for 5 sec. (engine running, alternator charging)
Conventional alternator cut-out: <12.8V, for 10 sec. (engine running, alternator not charging) or service battery voltage > starter battery voltage
Smart alternator cut-in V: >11.8V, for 5 sec. (engine running, alternator charging)
Smart alternator cut-out V: <11.4V, for 10 sec. (engine running, alternator not charging) or service battery voltage > starter battery voltage
Battery guard cut-in: 11.5V
Battery guard cut-out: 12.0V
Temperature protection cut-in: 60 degrees C (140 degrees F)
Start assistance activation: Starter battery 6V
Trickle charge starter battery: Starter battery 11.5V to12.6V.
Charging characteristic: Five-step
Suitable for battery size - Ah: 28Ah to 800Ah
Suitable for battery types: All 12V lead-acid batteries including: Wet, A.G.M, gel, calcium and maintenance free
Max. power input from solar panel - Watts: 300
Solar regulator type: MPPT
Cooling method: Convection cooled
Operating temperature range - : minus 20 degrees C to plus 50 degrees C. Automatic reduction of power at high ambient temperature.
Power reduction: 30 degrees C 16A, 50 degrees C 13A
Enclosure class: IP65 (splash and dust proof)
Notes: Please ensure you have checked the Peak Voltage of your panel when purchasing this unit as the maximum Peak Voltage is 23V on this unit
Protections: Temperature compensated charging, Reverse Polarity protection
Certification: Fully certified for use in vehicles
Nett weight - kg: 3.680
Warranty - years: 2
Compatible with Euro5/Euro6 Stop/Start & Regenerative Vehicles

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