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Dometic CRX50 12v Fridge for Campervan motorhome

Dometic CRX50 - 48 Litre Marine, Camper Van, Motorhome Fridge Freezer

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Dometic COOLMATIC CRX50 48 Litre Fridge Freezer


The CoolMatic CRX50 is a highly versatile, 48-litre fridge freezer. This unit fits neatly into many different conversion layouts, and it is powered by either 12 or 24 volts.  


Also see the additional surrounds to give a flush, or standard fitting of the fridge into a cabinet.



  • Removable freezer compartment, to give you more flexibility.
  • Intelligent electronics consume up to 25% less power.
  • Can function as a fridge, or a freezer or even a combination fridge-freezer.
  • The hinges are located on the right-hand side of the unit.
  • Operates with minimal noise, thanks to the high-quality build components. 


The Coolmatic CRX50 is perfect in a vast range of camper conversions as well as motorhomes and boats. 



Width: 380 mm, 

Height: 534 mm, 

Depth 500 mm, 

Total capacity: 48 litres, 

Fridge capacity 43.6 litres, 

Freezer capacity: 4.4 litres,  

Total weight: 17 kg. 


Built-in Dimensions: 
With flush-mount frame: 
406 x 536 x 495 mm 
With standard frame: 
384 x 536 x 447 mm 


Dometic Coolmatic CRX50: A removable freezer compartment which lets you expand the internal space within the fridge-freezer. This removable freezer unit gives you more flexibility while camping or boating. Dometic say that the high-quality electronics within the Coolmatic CRX50 mean it will consume 25% less power while also making very little noise.  


Key Features: 

  • The CRX50 has five different temperature settings allowing you more control over the power draw of your fridge.
  • Two-way battery protection is built in, safeguarding your CRX50 and your leisure battery.
  • The internal space can be reconfigured to add or remove shelves, baskets and bottle holders.
  • Finished in a sleek silver or black, to compliment your interior.
  • The CRX50 smart control panel makes it easy to alter settings. 

Technical Information: 

Refrigerant type: R134a – Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases, 

Global Warming Potential: 1430, 

Refrigerant quantity: 38 grams, 

Energy consumption: 267.84 Watt hours per 24 hours, (measured in DC power at 5 to 25 degrees Celsius), 

Climate class: T.  

Global Warming Potential (GWP): 

Global Warming Potentials (GWPs) are used to compare the abilities of different greenhouse gases to trap heat in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is used as the base for all the calculations, so its global warming potential is 1. 2 The higher the GWP, the more heat the specific gas can keep in the atmosphere. 

The GWP for the CRX50 and the gasses used within it is 1430, according to data provided by Dometic.  

Test Mark:

TÜV/GS, e-certified (Automotive EMC Directive)

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