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Dometic Waeco CRX50 standard fridge surround mount

Dometic Waeco CRX Fridge Mount-Surround

CRX50 Standard Mount

Dometic CRX Fridge Mount-Surround

Dometic fridges have long been the popular choice for Camper Van and Motorhomes, with the CR50 being a favourite, due to it's quality build and design. The CRX50 is the updated version of this popular fridge and you can find that product here: CRX50

These metal surrounds fit around the fridge giving a secure way of mounting the fridge.

They are available as a standard mount, where the door sits proud of the cabinet, or a flush fit mount, where the fridge fits further back allowing the door to fit flush with the cabinet.

They are available for the in two sizes to fit:

either CRX50/CRP40/CR50/CRD

or the CRX65/CRX65D/CR65





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