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Fiamma Blocker Pro

Fiamma Blocker Pro - Front Awning Panel


Fiamma Blocker Pro - Front Awning Panel

The Fiamma Side W Pro Shade Panel is an easy to use side panel, giving you more privacy and protection against the elements. The wide crystal window is designed to let the maximum amount of light in and the vinyl extension reaches all the way to the ground. 

It is attached to your F45 or F65, or Caravanstore awning, by sliding the beaded top edge of the panel through the slot on the front awning casing and then securing the ties around the legs of the awning.

If you combine this with two Side Blocker Pro Shade Panels, you can easily create a private space, for your Fiamma awning, giving you protection against the wind. This won't give you the full protection offered by the more expensive Fiamma Privacy Room, but it is a cost effective solution if you're not looking for a full waterproof room.

It is made of a rot-proof vinyl and washable fabric with UV protection.

It is Available in a range of sizes to suit the different length of awnings available.






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