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Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro Black

Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro Black


Fiamma Carry Bike VW T5 Pro Black

The Carry Bike VW T5 Pro has a completely redesigned structure compared to the standard version, it is fast and simple to install, with solid anchoring to the reinforced points of the rear of the vehicle. The stylish design follows the line of the vehicle without covering lights and number plate.

Simplicity and speed of installation / demounting and excellent rigidity on the rear of the vehicle.

Can hold up to four bikes with the additional rails, with a maximum load of 60kg in total when the extra rails and blocks are used.

Does not obscure the rear lights or number plate.

This rack is not suitable for T5s with double rear doors or tailgate spoilers.

The upper brackets are fastened to the reinforced points of the rear of the vehicle, brackets are complete with plastic supports in the centre of them, free from any hooks the lower part of the vehicle does not lean against the bumper.

Equipped with double lower reinforcing bar to ensure maximum stability.

Please note: the plastic fittings on the rack are black, insteads of the standard red, hence the model name, it does not denote a black frame.


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  • Specially designed for the VW T5 2003 - 2015.
  • Carrries 2 bikes as standard but can carry 4 bikes with additional rails.
  • Only suitable for tailgate, without spoiler.
  • No drilling required – the bike rack is clamped onto the vehicle.
  • Easy to take off when not in use.
  • Fast and easy fixation: the wheel holders are adjustable and equipped with pump buckles.
  • Maximum load of 60kg.



Standard VW T5 Pro holds 2 Bikes

VW T5 Pro with additional rail and mounting block holds 3 bikes

VW T5 Pro with 2 additional rails and mounting blocks holds 4 bikes





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