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Fiamma F45S VW T5/T6 Awning Bracket 98655647

Fiamma F45S VW T5/T6 Awning Bracket 98655647


Fiamma F45S VW T5/T6 Awning Bracket 98655647

This fitting kit is for use with your F45s Awning for (VW T5 and T6 LHD) vehicles that are not fitted with a factory or aftermarket awning rail, or the factory fitted C channel in the roof. This can also be used if you have twin sliders on your RHD van and wish to put the awning on the drivers side.

If you have a raising roof (pop top) on your T5/T6 you are also likely to need these brackets instead of the standard brackets that come in the dedicated T5/T6 kit that Fiamma offer.

Most pop top hinges are mounted in the roof channel where the rear awning brackets are fitted. The rear bracket on this kit will sit further along the channel in front of the scissor hinge. You may need to drill a hole in your awning casing to line up with the rear bracket, as it will sit further forward than originally designed for vans without a pop top roof.

No drilling of the vehicle is required with these brackets.

Please note: due to the range of pop top manufacturers, it is not guaranteed that a pop top roof will clear these brackets on your setup, please check with your pop top roof manufacturer to get their advice before ordering.





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