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Fiamma Rail Premium Black 98656-880

Fiamma Rail Premium Black 98656-880


Fiamma Rail Premium Black 98656-880

This solid and robust supplementary 128cm rail fits onto many of ther Fiamma Carry Bike racks, including the standard Carry Bike VW T5 Pro Black, to let you carry a third bike, or with two of these you can carry 4 bikes up to a maximum 60kg

The T5 Pro has a clever telescoping setup, which lets you remove the first rail, extend the rack and then bolt the extra rails in place.

These come complete with sliding wedges and strip belt to easily fasten the wheels of the bike. Plastic components are Black.


Please note you will also require the Blocks (clamps) below to hold the top of the bikes in place.


Fiamma Bike-Block Pro S D2 07215E01ABike-Block Pro S D3 (07215F01A):


Setup options/requirements:

Standard VW T5 Pro holds 2 Bikes

VW T5 Pro with additional rail and mounting block holds 3 bikes

VW T5 Pro with 2 additional rails and mounting blocks holds 4 bikes





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