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Canterbury Pitt Lift-Off Hinge/Bracket

Canterbury Pitt Lift-Off Hinge/Bracket


These Stainless Steel lift-off hinges/brackets are commonly used for applications where you have a work-surface or box lid that has the ability to hinge up, but then can the lid can be lifted off.

They are the same size and style as the original Canterbury Pitt hinges as used on the hinged panel behind there bulkhead.


By flipping one of the halves over, it can then become an ideal solution for a lift-off table/work-top application, where you want the table or work-top to slot into a fixed position.

By buying a second set you could have two locations for your table, even an outside position, as these brackets are made of stainless steel.

These are not meant for use in a vertical position, i.e. for doors, as the hinge would separate when you opened the door!

When folded out flat these hinges measure 30mm x 50mm high.

Sold as single hinges, or as a pair.

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