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Indel B Off Road Compressor Cooler 45 Litre - TB46

Indel B Off Road Compressor Cooler 45 Litre - TB46


Introducing the Indel B Off Road Compressor Cooler!

Lead time for this product is approximately 6-8 weeks. 

With a massive 45L capacity and reinforced features for extreme conditions.

The portable refrigerators of the Steel range stand out for their large load capacity and high performance under all conditions of use.

Featuring retractable handles, removable lid, corner bumpers, snap closures, reinforced hinges, interior light and four anchor points, you'll enjoy optimal portability, security and resilience for all of your off-road adventures.

Another brand new feature is the power and temperature control panel with integrated Bluetooth connectivity for performance monitoring via smartphone.

The new black matte finish completely transforms the aesthetics of the entire line. 

Refrigerant gas: R134a.

Certifications: CB, CE, E-mark, EMC


Indel B UK/EU Warranty - 2 years


Brand Indel B
Type Portable Fridges
Voltage Description 12V - 24V DC
Model TB46
Height Description 488mm (0.48m)
Width 682mm (0.68m)
Depth 405mm (0.4m)
Weight 22kg
Material Steel
Colour Black
Wattage Power absorption: 85W
Temperature Range -18°C +10°C
Consumption 0.23 (kWh/24h)
Capacity Description 45 Litres (11.8 US Gallons)

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