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Lift-Off table to wall strip

Lift-Off Table Rail


Lift-Off Table Rail

This two part rail system gives a simple unobtrusive way to attach a removable table to the wall of a Campervan, Motorhome or Caravan.

It can be cut to size, then drilled to take fixing screws, with one side being attached to the wall, with the other fitted to the edge of the table. The table is then offered up to the wall at a slight angle and then once lowered to the horizontal position, the side of the table is secure to the wall. Please note you still need a leg/legs on the opposite end of the table.

This lift off strip is brown ABS plastic at 61cm in length.  It's darker than illustrated and the profile is larger.

The diagram shows the aluminium (no longer available) rail mounted onto a lightweight plywood table top. The corresponding wall rail is 25mm tall.

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