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Lippert Vela Pop Top Roof for H2 Ducato, Boxer and Jumper

Lippert Vela Pop Top Roof for H2 Ducato, Boxer and Jumper


Lippert Vela Pop Top Roof for Ducato, Boxer and Jumper

Thermoformed -twin-sheet-technology built pop-up roof for Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper H2.

**Please note that there can be up to 2 weeks lead time on these lift roofs.**

Finished in white (FIAT 549)

Create extra sleeping space in your Camper Van with the Lippert Vela Pop Top Roof. This manually lifting roof space has built in facilities to hook in your heating and cooling systems for added comfort. There are pre-fitted LED bed lights and USB sockets perfect for reading in bed and charging your devices. A strong lightweight aluminium folding ladder is included making it easy to safely access your roof space. The Lippert Vela Lift Roof has been designed to allow the fitting of a roof light if you wish.

To fit this Pop Top you need only cut a small access hatch into the roof of your van, this means that the structural integrity of your vehicle is unaffected. 


  • Weight optimisation: Thanks to the production technologies used they have been able to assemble the roof using light weight materials wherever possible. 
  • Air conditioning and heating arrangements: The patented idea allows for heating and air conditioning to be ducted up into the space.
  • Wiring kits to manage the roof light and a solar panel (allowance 220W)
  • Aluminum bed frame (1.950x1.250mm) with wooden slats
  • LED Lateral bed lights and USB ports are pre fitted.
  • It is possible to fit a skylight to the Pop Top Roof.
  • Strong folding ladder to climb up into the roof space is included.
  • Specific adhesive supplied - tested to insure the best installation performance
  • Canvas is made from 100% polyester - double coated
  • No need to re-homologate the vehicle if the installation is made according to the instruction


  • Colour: FIAT 549 (White)
  • Abs thermaformed Pop Up roof with manually opening
  • Electric Wiring predispositions, LED bed lights and USB ports included
  • Skylight installation predisposition
  • Air Conditioning and heating predisposition
  • 2x400N Double Pantograph frame assisted by air springs
  • 100% polyester canvas
  • Strong folding ladder included
  • 1000x600mm opening
  • Tested installation adhesive supplied
  • Mattress not included
  • Ambient operating temperature range: - 20 to +50° C


  • 100 kg













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