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Light-Weight Adjustable Table Leg

Light-Weight Adjustable Table Leg


This light-weight, adjustable leg has a pivot folding mechanism, ideal for use in conjunction with a lift-off or sliding table rail to create a removable table.

With the telescopic function you can set the height of the leg from 500mm - 750mm.

This leg is a low-cost option. For a sturdier adjustable leg see Reimo Folding Telescopic Leg.

If you don't need the adjustable height on the leg, see the Reimo Folding Leg  or our other option of the TE30 Folding table leg which has a slimmer profile, once folded flat against the underside of the table.

If you want a stand alone table then consider the popular TE16 chrome plated 3 piece table set. or the TE32 Sequoia Table leg set

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