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Plumbing Kits for Camper Van Sinks and Combination Units

Plumbing Kits for Camper Van Sinks and Combination Units


Plumbing Kits for Camper Van Sinks and Combination Units

These kits provide the parts needed to plumb one of the Dometic, CAN or Thetford sinks or Hob/Sink combination units into your campervan conversion.

The Kits include the following:

  • 2 Metres of fresh water hose and a 2 metre waste hose which has a smooth inner bore, to stop build up of waste inside the pipe. Some other cheaper hoses have a ridged inner surface.
  • Two wide neck Reimo water containers, one for fresh water and one for waste, complete with dust caps, to stop any spillages when carrying to fill/empty them.
  • Two Pump lids, one to allow the submersible pump together with it's pump and wire, to pass into the fresh water bottle and a second to allow the waste pipe to be put into the bottle. The hole in the basic lid can be widened to accommodate different pipe widths including the waste pipe.

The integrated pump lid has built-in connectors, to connect the water pipe to, plus a one way valve to ensure the bottle is water-tight, whilst allowing the pump to remove the water without creating a vacuum in the container.

  • One quality Whale submersible pump; either the standard 10 litres/minute version, or the premium 16 litre/minute high flow version.
  • Jubilee clips and 'P'clips to secure the water pipe.


 Water Tank size:

12 Litre: Length 425mm, width 125mm, height 260mm

13 Litre: Length 280mm, width 170mm, height 360mm

16 Litre: Length 280mm, width 170mm, height 410mm

19 Litre: Length 280mm, width 170mm, height 475mm


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