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Simple Water Tank Level Indicator Kit

Simple Water Tank Level Indicator Kit


Simple Water Tank Level Indicator Kit

With one push of the test button you are able to monitor the water levels of one tank.
There is no need to wire in a 12 volt supply as the LED indicator gauge comes complete with its own battery, which is easily replaced when the need arises.

The water gauge measures only H65 x W65 x D16 mm so it is small enough to fit any application.

This kit comes with an easy to fit tank sender probe.

The probe only requires one 22 mm (7/8″) hole in the side of the tank and suits tanks from 100 mm to 280 mm (4″ to 11″) deep.

The sender probe is sealed by a special grommet which is compressed in the hole when the nut is tightened and measures the water level by contact with the 5 sensors along the arm. It has no moving parts.

5m lead attached.

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