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Stucco plug to cigarette lighter adaptors

Stucco plug to cigarette lighter adaptors


These adaptors let you plug a standard cigarette lighter plug into a Stucco style 12v mini 16 amp cigar plug, as commonly found in many European motorhomes. The plugs are similar to the standard cigar light plug, but about half the diameter.

We have two different styles, with one having a flexible lead between the plug and socket, whilst the second has a single solid body, which plugs straight into the Stucco style socket.

If you want to replace your original plug, so negating the need for an adaptor, we have a plug which can be used in a Stucco socket, but also in a standard cigarette lighter socket, see 12V Cigar/Stucco Plug screwed connection.

For new Stucco style compatible sockets go to Panel mount stucco style 12V mini cigar socket 16 amp, or Surface mount Stucco style 12v mini cigar socket 16 amp.

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