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Cranked aluminium table leg set

Campervan Swing-Out Cranked Table Leg Set


Campervan Swing-Out Cranked Table Leg Set

This cranked aluminium table leg, has two adjustable clamps allowing the table to be stored vertically when not being used and then also to be swung around to different positions.

It is often attached to the B pillar behind the passenger seat, providing a table for the passenger seat when fitted with a swivel base. It also allows the table to be swung around putting the table outside of the van.

Once the clamps have been tightened, you can then rotate the sprung loaded handles to reposition them, so they're out of the way, so you don't catch yourself on them.

Use the drop down menu to select either the 3 part set, or an extra clamp on it's own, should you need an extra clamp.


Table leg sizes

730mm high

Width across the horizontal arm: 410mm

Diameter: 38mm


Clamp sizes

130mm tall x 95mm wide x 65mm deep (including handle)





If you prefer a totally removable table take a look at these other leg options.

TE31 Folding Telescopic Table Leg

If you want a stand alone table then consider the popular TE16 chrome plated 3 piece table set or the Sequoia Table leg set



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