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Tentbox Classic Roof Tent

Tentbox Classic Roof Tent

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Tentbox Classic Roof tent 

Tentbox classic

Tentbox Classic

The TentBox Classic is the original TentBox. There's been many improvements over the years, but the fundamentals are the same: quick to open, easy to use and extremely comfortable.

Designed in the UK, the Classic has a gas-assisted opening mechanism, meaning it can be set-up within 1 minute!

You can store your pillows and bedding inside when it’s closed. Arrive, open and you’re ready to camp!

It’s the closest thing to having a Campervan, without owning a van.


Tentbox classic opening

Gas assisted opening - just 60 seconds to open

Simply unbuckle the latches and push the shell upwards.

The gas struts will do the rest of the work for you.


Fits most vehicles

The Tentbox Classic will fit on almost any vehicle.

You can install a TentBox Classic to your roof bars in 30 minutes.






Designed for comfort 

The inbuilt foam mattress is very comfortable but there's also an additional memory foam topper available for even more luxury.

The Classic has a fabric lining attached to the roof and the base for insulation and a cosier feel.




Leave your bedding inside


A great feature of the TentBox Classic is that      you can leave your bedding and pillows inside    when it’s closed.                                                   

This means as soon as you arrive, you pop-it and are ready to camp.




Built for UK Weather

The canvas is 100% waterproof and the ABS shell is impermeable. 

All seams are silicone sealed, with waterproof zips on the windows.

The TentBox Classic is rated to last in winds of up to 39mph (a heavy storm).


British design

The TentBox Classic is designed in the UK at TentBox HQ based in Hampshire.


Be part of the TentBox Community

There are over 10,000 TentBoxers in the UK

Expect to meet lots of likeminded people at campsites, on the road, or at one of the TentBox organised events.

Also see TentBox Lite and TentBox Cargo Roof Tents.



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