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Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/20 (1 Output) 230V

Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/20 (1 Output) 230V


Victron's Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/20 (1 Output) is an advanced 6-stage charger with built-in Bluetooth technology and adaptive charging capabilities. It automatically optimises the charging process to suit your battery's usage pattern and keep your battery in optimal condition.

This charger is an intelligent, multi-stage charger with an efficiency of up to 94%. It runs 40% cooler than other chargers and features a near-silent fan, making it ideal for long-term use. In addition, it's fully protected against over-temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity. Perfect for everyday use.

Experience maximum convenience and control. Its built-in Bluetooth allows you to monitor and configure the charger remotely using any Android or Apple device. Ensure that your batteries remain in optimal condition, safely and securely from the comfort of your home.

Suitable for all lead-acid batteries and Lithium-ion batteries used in caravans, motorhomes, campervans, cars, boats, off-road, industrial and commercial vehicles

With NIGHT and LOW mode the output current is reduced to a maximum of 50% of the nominal output and the charger will be totally silent. NIGHT mode will end automatically after 8 hours and LOW mode can be ended manually.

This product is recommended for batteries with a capacity in the range of 100 - 150Ah

Please see below the IP22 chart for technical spec and dimensions.

If you are looking for a different Victron model or part please contact us on 01619256234

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