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Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24V-100A

Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24V-100A


The Victron Smart Battery Protect is a battery protection device designed to disconnect your battery from non-essential loads before it is completely discharged, thus ensuring your battery's longevity and performance. With over voltage, under voltage, and temperature protection, the Smart Battery Protect provides optimal safety and reliability for your battery.

The built in Bluetooth allows you to track the process of the Battery Protect during use. 

The Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-100A is an effective uni-directional device for providing a stable current for loads or chargers. Boasting 100A current capacity, this device ensures reliable performance and protection for your battery.

Please see below the Battery Protect chart for technical spec and dimensions.

If you are looking for a different Victron model or part please contact us on 01619256234

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