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Devon aluminium table edge trim & colour insert

VW Devon aluminium table edge trim & colour insert


VW Devon aluminium table edge trim & colour insert 

This aluminium profile has been used since the 1950's to give a robust and elegant edging for tables and work top surfaces and step edges.

It is a replacement for the edging used in the 1960's and 70's VW Devon conversions.

We now have a 5/8" 16mm version and the larger 3/4" 19mm deep version.

The 16mm version is perfect for the 15mm lightweight laminate boards, with the 19mm version for thicker boards, or to cover the join where a cabinet top joins a vertical board.

The profile has a recess running down the centre, to allow for holes to be drilled and countersunk for fixing screws. The coloured rubberised plastic insert then covers the screw heads. The top edge of the profile has a lip which sits over the top of the laminate, covering the edge.

Using the drop-down menu above, you can choose either the 16mm at 12 foot (365cm) or 19mm version at 12 foot (365cm) aluminium trim on it's own, or together with a length of your choice of the TE06 coloured insert.

The TE06 coloured inserts can also be ordered separately per metre.

Due to the length of these trims we coil them, to be able to post them.



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