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Whale Expanse Water Heater

Whale Expanse Water Heater


Whale Expanse Water Heater

An innovative and exciting new balanced flue gas water heater for motorhomes.  This heater has been cleverly designed to maximise living space whilst adding improved functionality. 

Rapid Heat Up, Reheat & Retention

The water tank’s highly efficient pre-mixed burner and direct heat exchanger are designed to optimise heat transfer. The Expanse will heat water faster than any other model. In 11 minutes it will produce enough hot water for a 14 litre shower. A second shower can be taken just 8 minutes afterwards. 2 showers in just 19 minutes! The protective lightweight plastic outer housing and custom expanded polystyrene provide efficient insulation for the water tank. All designed to keep water hotter, for longer.

Space Saving by Design

By locating the Whale Expanse™ beneath the vehicle, vehicle converters will now be able to create some truly grand interior designs. The increased living and storage space will afford them even more room for creativity and practicality. Fitted externally, Expanse only requires a minimal amount of internal space (214mm x 60mm x 81mm). Fitted internally, the heater gives converters the freedom to install hot water without resorting to cutting holes through motorhome bodywork.

With the internal kit, there are additional fixings to mount the heater onto the floor of the vehicle and you then take the flue and inlet ducting down through the floor, exiting under the vehicle.


This heater offers:-

Space saving by design

Rapid heat up, reheat and retention

Can run on electric only, gas only or both combined.

Simplified and eased insllation with maximised freedom

More heat, more control, more space and reduced heat up times

Available in two models one for internal fitting, the other external fitting.


Both the internal and external kits now come with a 2m flue kit, see here if you need a replacement 2m flue kit.

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